At Eastbourne Salsa we have the following dance levels. Please ensure you are dancing at the correct level. If unsure - ask any of the teachers and they will advise. Don’t try and ‘move up’ too soon.

If you are asked to move to a different class please remember this is for your own good and your development as a dancer.

Beginners 7.30pm - 8.20pm
Here you will learn basic mambo, cucaracha, salsa move (stepping back) and the alemana turn. You should spend 2-3 weeks in this

Improvers 7.30pm - 8.20pm
Here you will learn to build on the previous moves and learn the cross body lead. You will start to learn simple moves and turn patterns. You should spend 4-6 weeks in this class before moving up to:

Intermediate 8.45pm - 9.30pm
At this level you start to learn more complicated (and longer) routines including some styling. You need to be able to dance the basic moves (including cross body) perfectly, with confidence and style. You should spend 6-9 months in this class
before moving up to:

Advanced 8.45pm - 9.30pm
You will now be learning more complicated and challenging routines. Girls will need to be able to ‘double turn’ with ease and all dancers will be using ‘styling’ in their dancing. The routines are much faster and comprise of increasingly challenging moves.

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